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Modernising Your Queenslander? Read This!

16 Dec
by Brad Robson
A local Queenslander, Sherwood A local Queenslander, Sherwood Peter May & Brad Robson

Queenslanders are beautiful, airy buildings filled with character. It’s no wonder so many people want to live in them!

But at the same time, many need a little bit of TLC in order to make them the perfect family home.

Luke Sycz from Groundup Construction has built and renovated his fair share of modern homes and historical Queenslanders. Today he shares four tips for those thinking of sprucing up their Queenslander.

Tip 1: Allow for more time

Luke says many people underestimate how long a renovation will take. Whether you’re raising the original structure or changing the appearance, renovations can take a fair while...and that’s if everything goes according to plan!

It’s always best to allow for a generous renovation period if you can, and don’t get too worried if things don’t stick to the schedule.

It’s often the case that hidden ‘issues’ are discovered along the way that will also need fixed.

And on that note…

Tip 2: Be prepared to blow your budget!

Old homes require a lot of love to restore their former glory, but they also require a fair bit of money.

Luke says that it’s easy to go over budget on a project like a Queenslander if you haven’t taken into account how much work actually needs doing.

Anything from delays in time to matching character-aspects can add to your budget, but just remember that your home will look stunning when finished!

Tip 3: Keep in character

Queenslanders are some of the best examples of timeless homes in Brisbane.

They stand tall in their glory, and it’s easy to see the ones where extra care has been taken in renovations and restorations to carefully match period details.

From balcony rails to the doorway arches, Queenslanders have beautiful details which deserve to be preserved.

Tip 4: Pick the right tradespeople

It’s always best to pick tradespeople who have experience with the type of renovations you’ll be doing.

Just like you wouldn’t let a friend cut your hair if they weren’t a hairdresser, you don’t want someone doing renovations who doesn’t have experience.

Pick knowledgeable tradies who’ve worked with Queenslanders and restorations before. Read reviews and make an informed decision based on who feels right.

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